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Linkedtour is the home of hospitality professionals worldwide and together, with the CHT group, is offering the best courses in hospitality.

CHT, with over a decade of working with hospitality exchange and education programs, has established cooperative relations with 65 universities that provide high-quality education. We create high-quality bridge courses for domestic and international students, providing international teaching, and helping students to improve their learning ability so that they can adapt to the overseas learning environment more quickly.

In a joint initiative between CHT and universities, Study in Finland and Study Dubai were created as hubs for study programs and internship opportunities. In partnership with top-ranked universities, we offer you the best path to getting a top education and valuable experiences with great employability.

We assist with the placement support of the students, preparation courses, documentation advisory & more. We help students from when they apply until graduation.

Study hospitality in Dubai

Dubai, as the new capital of luxury hospitality, is ranked the Top 1 tourism destination by TripAdvisor 2022 and a leading international hub for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Studying hospitality in Dubai is a partnership between CHT and the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). Students are provided with internationally-recognized study programs, industry-leading faculty members from all over the world, and modern facilities.

EAHM has ranked #1 in the QS Hospitality and Leisure Subject Rankings in the Middle East region for the year 2022.

Study hospitality in Finland

Finland is an excellent international study destination, offering high-quality university education, quality of life, equality, employment opportunities, and a safe and stable living environment.

Study in Finland is a partnership between CHT and several universities in Finland. Studying hospitality at Haaga Helia university in Helsinki, students are able to experience the hospitality and tourism business through diverse learning projects and internships in multicultural groups in Finland or abroad.

What we offer:

  • Entrance Exam Training
  • School selection service
  • Course
  • Clerical service
  • Visa Application Guidance
  • Application service
  • Pre-departure guidance, pick-up service
  • Preparatory course
  • Career planning guidance and employment recommendation
  • English, Finnish courses
  • Student apartment application guidance
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