Connecting World's top Talents with Premier Jobs and Networking.
Connecting World's top Talents with Premier Jobs and Networking.



As an employer, you will be able to recruit top talents from all over the world; you can directly communicate with thousands of suppliers for the products or services you may need; you can also seek cooperation and talent training courses for enterprises.


We can assist you with:


Recruit candidates As a partner employer, you will be able to connect with excellent candidates from all around the world.
By using Linkedtour, you can publish job posts, share company photos, videos and send messages to your followers, targeting the most qualified students and potential employees.
Our members consist of international students and hoteliers of different ages that are looking for a way to connect with the industry.


Connecting Using our LinkedTour Network Chat, you will be able to send messages and chat with the players that run the industry. You can connect with other companies for partnerships, communicate with members, and make posts.


Find Suppliers LinkedTour also connects you to thousands of products and services suppliers nearby. You can find products and services needed for your business.

Find Talents

Is your company looking for highly skilled talents? LinkedTour is the place for you. We offer a global channel that connects thousands of highly qualified professionals coming from our partner universities and several other channels.

We maximize the efficacy of your job advertising by distributing them across hundreds of websites using data-driven, programmatic job ad distribution.

Staff Development

Are you looking for ways to improve your employees? Linkedtour is at your service! We offer high-quality courses for employees to learn new and help further strengthen the skills they already possess.

Linkedtour cooperates with over 100 well-known colleges and universities, helping employees improve their education level and keep learning.

What we offer:

  • Access the best ranked candidates from the world top universities and hospitality school.
  • Unique content feature such as interactive company-related photos & videos.
  • Internship service for employers. (see more)