Our goal here at LinkedTour is to create a platform that will connect individuals, employers, schools and suppliers in hospitality industry. 

 For all of our dear members this platform will be highly beneficial!

 If you are looking for a new job, potential business partners, future college or maybe  top of the industry talents for your company

LinkedTour is a magnificent option if you’re looking for a way to meet new people who are working in hospitality industry, you can also use our platform to keep in touch with people whom you’re already familiar with, chat, share your thoughts or even learn something new from our weekly posts.

Is your company looking for highly skilled talents? If yes this is a place for you. We offer a variety of solutions, you can choose between hiring someone with vast experience, giving a chance to a newly graduated student or getting an eager to learn intern. 

With us you can say goodby to understaffing!

LinkedTour is a company with employees in several countries around the globe. We have developed a unique culture that thrives on transparency, communication and fun. 

We know how to give our 100% from wherever we are-whether that’s from a coffee shop in Helsinki a beach in Rio de Janeiro, a living room in Belgrade or offices in Beijing and Hangzhou.

Our Service:LinkedTour service are comprised of a dedicated and passionate team about the hospitality & tourism industry with years of experience in recruitment and diverse exchange programs.

Our Mission:Our aim is connecting professionals, academic institutions, companies and suppliers in the most efficient way.